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Lean implementation


Its goal is to ``always produce more, with fewer resources.``

Lean Manufacturing methodology is a set of principles, methods and techniques for managing the operating processes of a factory, oriented at increasing the value perceived by the customer, through the permanent and systematic reduction of waste.


Lean Office is the application of Lean Management principles in offices.

Outside the production plant, for tasks and administration areas, customer service, financial-accountant…, where there is greater untapped potential for improving productivity and efficiency.


A new methodology that refines the various hospital processes

It’s based on adaptation of the Lean principles to particular needs of the health where the focus is the patient (client), and the main objective is to achieve an optimization of the processes so that excellence is achieved in attention.

Supply Chain

XX century logistics models may not be the most efficient today

Currently, supply chains have acquired a very important complexity, and they influence in a rellevant way.