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Multi projects game

Multi projects game

Do you do many tasks at once in your day to day?

Sometimes you feel like you’re doing a lot but the end result doesn’t reflect your effort?
Do you end up doing a little bit of everything and not finishing anything?
Have you undone many actions to do others?

Of course, we all had the feeling that we had finished the day and were not satisfied with the end result, although we put it effort and desire. Have we worked badly?

Don’t we know how to organize? No. We haven’t worked badly and we have certainly not lacked personal organization.

This game pursues two goals: to see how focusing on one thing at time is more efficient than doing many at once and experiencing the benefits of pull-up production. On a page there are three columns of 10 rows. Each column (A-J, I-X, and 1-10) represents a complete process. And each row (A, I and 1) the same action for each of the processes. We can imagine that the first column is the process of making an M6 screw, the second an M8 screw and the third an M10 screw. For example, the action of the first row is to take the corresponding round to make the screw, and the second the suitability of the machine to make the thread and so on up to 10 actions per process. We will use two working methods:

Method 1.

Complete an entire row at once (A – I – 1)

Writing a letter from each column. That simulates working on all three projects simultaneously.


Time how long it takes to complete each of the columns and the entire page.

Method 2.

Write each column at once (de la A fins a la J)

Completing the letters first, then the Roman numerals and finally the ordinary numbers. Again, time how long it takes to complete each column and the entire page.

What is the best way to act?
Do we do all three pieces at once?
Or we do them three by three?
What does it depend on?
Does it affect the customer?
Which is better?